Microsoft Office

The school district provides a Microsoft Office license for each student, which gives you the ability to install office on up to 5 different devices.

To access your Microsoft office account- do the following:

1) Go out to

2) Login with your school provided email address (something like Your password will be the same password that you use for accessing WiFi at the school, or to login to school computers. If you don't know that password, then see instructions below on how to request a reset.

3) Once logged into the Microsoft Portal, you will see a link toward the upper right corner that says "Install Office" (Office 365 Apps). Click that to begin the download and install process.

4) For Apple and Android devices, you can install the office apps individually from the App store for your device and then use your login from step 2 above, to access and use the apps.

**** If you have forgotten your password to access school computers and school wifi, you can speak with Mrs. Little in the LINC and she will reset your password to match your JMC password. When we reset your password, it will sync the new password to be used with Microsoft Office, School wifi and computers, GMAIL, and Schoology (since Schoology uses your GMAIL login). We may or may not send you a reply email that we have reset the password. Since it resets your GMAIL password, you probably wouldn't receive the email anyways. If you would like a notification when the password is reset, please include a NON-school provided email address to send the notice to, and we will let you know once it has been reset.