Counseling - A Confidential process of direct interventions, activities, designed to change behavior.

A prevention/intervention service to improve self-esteem

·         Raise self-concept

·         Address those things interfering with learning

Helping students think for themselves

Build a trusting relationship

·         Provide an image of a caring, nonjudgmental adult who helps students learn from their mistakes

Consultant for Teacher, Parent, and Student

·         Share ideas and develop strategies to benefit opportunities for student learning

Use a Problem Solving Model

·         Define the problem in behavioral terms

·         Describe how child feels about problem

·         Review what have tried to solve problem

·         Explore what could try/what might happen

·         Develop plan - What are they doing? Who is involved? Where/when/how will it start? Review date/time

   Able to provide Group and Individual Assistance in

·         Study Skills –organizing time and learning how to study

·         Anxiety –adjusting to school

·         Social Skills-friendship concerns

Families in Change- issues adjusting to the changes in family structure