January 16, 2019

Today is Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Today is B Day.   

Lacey Stailey has a birthday today. Happy birthday, Lacey. Josh Berhow has a birthday today. Happy birthday, Mr. Berhow. On Thursday, Jackson Johnsrud and Jackson McCabe have birthdays. On Friday, Lucy Allen, Oliver Amundson, and Clara Wilson have birthdays; on Saturday, Corbin Horsman has a birthday. On Sunday Cadence Gilbertson, Katryn Johnson, Maryclaire Miron, and Charles Worden have birthdays. Happy birthday each of you as well.

Today is the last day to check the lost and found to see if there is anything on the table that belongs to you. After that we will be sending everything to Goodwill.

 February 8 is the last day for collecting the milk caps, box tops and bag lids.  Each homeroom has a bin to drop them in. If you have any questions, please see Katryn Johnson or Olivia McBroom.

Reminder that there is no school on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Students, let’s continue our reading. Students should be at 378

For lunch today, we are having:  1) Beefy nachos with cheese sauce; 2) BBQ chicken sandwich; or 3) Ham & Cheese wrap.

 Let’s have a great year and be respectful, be responsible, and be safe.