Student Announcements

Today is Tuesday May 7th.  It is a B Day. Students should be at 700 steps.  

    Happy Birthday today to Alaina Bren, Eleanor Sather, and SJ Jezeski. Have a great birthday.


    A message from Mrs. Macleod: Any 4th, 5th or 6th graders who are interested in being in the talent show on the last day of school should sign up on the clipboard outside of the music room. 


  Today 4th Grade is going on a field trip for Farm Safety in Preston. Have a great time.


Students, please take a look at the Lost and Found. There are a lot of lost items on the table.


 A note from our Librarian Ms. Hopp-This Friday, May 10th will be the last day to check out library books. All books will need to be turned in by May 24th.


For lunch today we are having:

1) Mini Pancakes

2) Ham Deli Sandwich

3) Buffalo Chicken Salad


               Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe