Student Announcements

Happy Friday!!

Today is Friday, May 17th.  It is an A Day. Students should be at 734 steps.  

    Happy Birthday today to Weston Benson, Blake Boley, Vivian Thompon, Adelyn Heiden and to one of our fun staff members, Miss Sue Peterson.  Weekend birthdays are Levi Winter and Nora Haag, and to our fun staff members, Mrs. Heather Hopp, Ms. Sam Geving, and Damon Lueck. Happy Birthday to all of you.


This morning, we will have our sendoff for the students competing in the Special Athletic Track Meet. Good Luck to all the competitors today and have fun!


Field Trip today for 5th Grade. They are going to Physics Force at the Mayo Civic Center. Have a fun day.


A message from Mrs. Macleod: Any 4th, 5th or 6th Graders who are signed up to be in the Talent Show must pick out a time to show Mrs. MacLeod their act. Sign up on the clipboard outside the music room. If you do not show Mrs. MacLeod your act you cannot be in the Talent Show.

    Congratulations to this week’s Golden Ticket Winners: Kindergarten-Adam Pabst & Alanna Coyle, 1st Grade-Lydia Cady & Decker Danielson, 2nd Grade-Madison Wright & Dominic Parker, 3rd Grade-Cooper Eisenman & Willow Gardner, 4th Grade-Miranda Miller & Calli Grupe, 5th Grade-Lucy Ramaker & Hannah Hynes, 6th Grade-Hudson Boyum & Celie Eisenman, Special Area-Mehlodia Ulich-Rios & Camryn Harstad. Please come to the office for your prize.


For lunch today we are having:

1) Cheese Pizza

2) Turkey Deli Sandwich

3) Asian Chicken Salad



  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe