District News and Updates


SCHOOL BOARD VACANCY/APPOINTMENT:  CLICK HERE to view the vacancy announcement.  CLICK HERE to view and download the application.  CLICK HERE to view the choosing process.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  CLICK HERE to view the August 12 special school board meeting.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The August 12 Special Meeting will be live streamed at 6:00 pm on at Facebook/chatfieldtv.  Cable channel 11 is unavailable for this time and date.  Agenda:  2020-2021 Learning Plan, Operating Levy Renewal.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  CLICK HERE to view a recording of the July 29 special meeting.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The 2020-2021 school board planning meeting will be held on July 29 at 6:00 pm via ZOOM teleconferencing due to the ongoing pandemic.  The public is welcome to observe.  To observe via ZOOM, please contact Superintendent Ed Harris at eharris@chatfieldschools.com

JUNE 22, 2020:  CLICK HERE for the COVID 19 preparedness plans for community education and indoor/outdoor summer facility use.