Date Range

Applicants MUST apply via the 

Reading Corps or Math Corps website



Commitment Highlights 

October Start – Full-Time  

Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps 


Our Program Values: ​

  • We are mission-driven and passionate about making a difference 
  • We care about and are committed to each other and the people we serve 
  • We are nimble – adapting and evolving to make a greater impact 
  • We can do more together than we can alone 
  • We cultivate an environment of diversity and inclusion



Reading Corps & Math Corps Institute: Members are required to attend Reading Corps & Math Corps Institute, October 15th-18th. This will take place at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott. Members traveling 60+ miles to Institute will be provided hotel accommodations. All time spent traveling to or attending training is included in the total hours commitment. Plan for training to occur 8am-4:30pm Monday-Wednesday. Training is only until 12pm on Thursday. 

Fundamental Trainings: Additional required training will take place throughout the term of service. There are options for different dates/times/locations, and members select training schedule based on preference. All trainings take place during the school day. Trainings range in length from 48 hours. 


Hours Commitment:

All members will have a set daily schedule at their service site. 


Full-Time members: 

  • Commit to serving 900 hours between 10/14/18 and 6/8/19 
  • Are expected to serve 35 hours each week, 7 hours per day, when school is in session 
  •  If member is absent or serves less than 7 hours/day, those hours need to be made up elsewhere for member to remain on track toward successful completion of term. 


  Questions about these commitments:

Email: recruitment@servetogrow.org

Call: 1-866-859-2825


Applicants MUST apply via the 

Reading Corps or Math Corps website



 Benefits Highlights 

October Start – Full-Time 

Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps ​


Health Insurance 

Members serving in a Full-Time capacity can enroll. Dependents of members are excluded.  What’s included? 

  •  Monthly premiums are covered 100%
  •  Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  •  Competitive plan featuring LOW deductible and coinsurance resulting in low out-of-pocket costs
  •  Contracted low prices with in-network doctors with option to see out-of-network doctors at higher cost


Living Allowance 

Members serving in Reading Corps or Math Corps receive a living allowance paid every two weeks. 


Full-Time Living Allowance - $436.93 (before taxes)

**First pay date – 11/9/18**


Childcare Assistance 

Members serving in a Full-Time capacity who meet certain requirements can enroll. 


What’s included? Financial assistance to reimburse childcare costs for children up to 13 years old 


Loan Forbearance 

If a member is making payments on a federally-backed education loan, payments can be put into forbearance during the service term. Upon successful completion of the term, the accrued interest will be paid by the National Service Trust


Education Award 

Members who successfully complete their term of service are eligible to receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award.  


What’s included?

  •  Awarded after successful completion of service term
  •  Used to pay educational costs at eligible post-secondary institutions or to repay qualified student loans 
  •  Must be used within 7 years
  • Considered taxable income in the year that it is used  
  • Members who are 55 or older at the start of their service can transfer the education award to a child,  grandchild, or foster child 
    • The recipient of a transferred award has 10 years to use it. 

October Start Full-Time  Education Award: $2,960.00



For more information on any of these benefits, visit: 



Still have questions? 

Email: memberbenefits@servetogrow.org 

Call: 612-206-3030, Ext. 3132 


Applicants MUST apply via the 

Reading Corps or Math Corps website


Application for Employment

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