MANY congratulations to this year’s MSHSL Section 1A music solo/ensemble festival participants: Kyra Throckmorton, Peyton Ellis, Greta Kunene, Aletta Strande, Sydney Ellis, Jayleen Halverson, Savannah Thompson, Sami Austin, Josie Koenigs, Tristen O’Connor, Lillian Hanson, and Nicholas Long. A special shout-out to Aletta Strande (clarinet solo) and Lillian Hanson (horn solo) for receiving the prestigious “BEST IN SITE” award! (Best soloists that a judge heard in the room out of all participating schools!) A huge honor! Congratulations to all!

Beginning Band Program


Offers students an exciting, invigorating atmosphere to learn to play traditional band instruments. Recruiting for band begins at the end of the 4th Grade school year, in which students have the opportunity to see a professional orchestra perform, test out various musical instruments, and learn about each of the instruments in their General Music classes. At that time they will choose their instrument under the guidance of our experienced staff members and begin playing for the first time in a one-week intensive at the beginning of the summer that is provided free of charge to the families of our community.

Throughout the first two years of instruction, students in the Beginning Band program will learn the fundamental skills required to properly play their selected instruments including proper posture, finger dexterity and coordination, breathing techniques, embouchure, reading absolute pitches in the treble and bass clefs, reading musical symbols, and musical terminology. Students will gain independence through regular small group and solo performance opportunities, culminating in a final performance at the spring Pops Concert featuring students in 5th Grade through 12th Grade at Chatfield Public Schools. The Chatfield Elementary Beginning Bands work hard to develop a sense of community and school pride through performances at school-wide assemblies throughout the school year.