Art Club

Advisor: Abigail Potter

Art Club is a 7-12 grade club and new members are always welcome. 

Art Club will be held most Wednesdays after school. Art club provides a safe and inclusive place to create and appreciate art. We draw, paint, craft, listen to music, talk, take care of art club business and sometimes even do homework.

We are going to meet in person on Wednesday 03/03/2021 from 3:15pm-4:45pm. For the rest of the year (if we stay in-person learning) we will be meeting on Wednesdays at this time.

Field Trips:
All members of Art Club are welcome to attend our field trips during the year. We take one field trip every fall, and one during late winter

In May the junior and senior Art Club members who have been members or at least one year and have assisted with all fundraisers can attend our weekend field trip. We travel to a larger city nearby for a weekend of theater, culture and art-filled fun.

Art Club in Chicago

Art Club in Chicago

Art club members