Gopher Pride!

football game INFO 11/26/2021

If you wish to purchase your tickets online: State Tournament Tickets | MSHSL

The high school staff and students will do a short send-off march on Tuesday afternoon. The Elementary School is in distance learning next week so there will be no send-off for that age group.

The team will be having breakfast at Jac’s and then load buses for the trip to Minneapolis on Friday morning.

Community members, friends, and family are encouraged to line sidewalks and safe areas along Hwy 52 between Jac’s and Hammell on Friday morning for the team’s 9:00am departure. They will be led out of town by the Chatfield Fire Department. Cheering, honking, and posters are all encouraged!

Fan bus tickets will cost $15 and will be sold in the Chatfield High School lobby. Tickets will be sold (cash or check only) Monday and Tuesday mornings from 7am-10am. Fan buses tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fan buses will load at Chatfield High School on Friday morning at 10:00am and will depart at 110:30am. Passengers must ride on the same bus going in both directions. Students 12 years-old and under must travel and attend the game with a parent or responsible adult. TSA requires that all passengers remain fully masked when on buses.

Chatfield Students and Parents attending Friday’s game:
We look forward to having a great crowd on Thursday. Here are some important details:
MSHSL State Championship
Chatfield High School vs West Central/Ashby
Friday November 26 @ 1:00pm
US Bank Stadium
State Tournament Expectations
Fans are expected to follow all MSHSL rules and represent our community and school with class.

The MSHSL and US Bank Stadium may have restrictions that we will not be aware of until next week's information meeting. We can expect the following restrictions to be in place based upon the quarter-final round:

  • no large bags, 
  • no horns, whistles, drums, and other noise makers,
  • no alcohol or tobacco use, and 
  • no laser pointers or other distracting devices.
  • Vending is limited to electronic payment. no cash accepted

Chatfield will be assigned particular sections for its fans. Please select seats within those sections of the stadium.
Students typically do not sit during the game. Students will be using most of a seating section. We do not want non-student fans to be surprised when they are unable to see over the student section. Adults and younger children are asked to avoid sitting in that portion of our seating allotment.

Important Links

Important Forms

All Forms, Physicals, and Fees must be turned in before participants can begin practice

  • Forms are located above on this webpage or in the high school front office
  • Physicals are good for 3 years - Contact Ryan Eppen ( if you aren't sure if your student-athlete needs a physical.
  • Activity fee = $150 per sport with a family cap of $500. If a family qualifies for the free or reduced lunch, they would also qualify for free or reduced activity fees. Fees must be paid BEFORE student can begin.

Down/off list 

This is how the activities dept. and the coaches monitor the academic progress of student athletes. The school has a policy that assures a student activities participant is making progress in the classroom in order to be eligible to participate. Each week, teachers in 7-12 get a list of activity participants during that season. If a participant is not making adequate progress (failing) in a class they are marked on this list. The list is given to the activities dept. Coaches and parents are notified by email at this time. The first time an individual is on the list, they are considered down. There is a one week period in which the individual has to get their work up to standards for that class. During the week, the student can still practice and play in games. If after this week the student has improved, then they will no longer be on the list. However, if they are put on the list for two consecutive weeks in the same subject they would be put on the off list. While on the off list, students are not able to practice or participate in games. This could continue longer than a week if progress is not made. Keep talking to your student about keeping their grades up. Parents can monitor grades on the school website by using JMC.  If you do not know your password, contact Julie Keefe at

Bus Procedures 

We would like everyone to ride the bus to and from the events when a bus is provided. If your child does need to ride home with you, a note signed by you must be given to the coach. If someone other than the parent is providing a ride for your child, then this must be PRE-APPROVED by the Principal or the Activities Director.

Athletic Trainer         

Chad Eickhoff, Mayo Sports Med, is at the high school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to see athletes who have a sports related injury and have been referred by their coach, doctor, or by parent request.  To schedule an appointment, email Julie Keefe in the high school office at or Ryan Eppen in the Activities Office at 


There will be a wrestling sign-up/informational meeting for athletes and parents on WED NOV 17 @ 6:45PM in the Forum Room.  The wrestling season starts on November 22nd.  Please contact Coach Mauseth at with any questions.


Varsity Coach: Molly Thomas
B Squad: Kelsey Lueck     9th Grade: Dan Narveson
8th Grade: April McBroom     7th Grade: Cheryl Newman

How about this AWESOME news!


ALL State Academic Winners:
  • Ann Borgen
  • Peyton Berg
  • Sydney Allen
  • Jaiden Zimmerman
  • Devann Clemens
  • Peyton Berg
  • Zayda Priebe
  • Sydney Allen
  • Jaelyn LaPlante
  • Devann Clemens
  • Kennedie Schmaltz
  • Shelby Nolan


Varsity Coach: Jayna Harstad
Assistant Coach: Jenny Bradt    Volunteer Coach: Niki DeBuhr 

receiving all conference honors:

  • Lexi Kivimagi: 3rd place
  • Aletta Strande: 9th
  • Tessa McMahon: 12th
  • Katie Dornack: 16th
  • Belle Carr: 17th
  • Ella Bakken: 19th
  • Charli Oeltjen: 21st

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