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Participation in extracurricular activities enhances the development of students physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Because of participation and the experience students receive, their development is enhanced at a much faster pace than those who do not participate in extracurricular activities. Because of this belief and philosophy, participation in activities is an integral part of a student's overall experience and will be stressed throughout our students' academic careers while attending Chatfield Schools. It is the ultimate goal of the district and the activities department to provide positive extracurricular opportunities to as many students as possible.

Bus Procedures 

We would like everyone to ride the bus to and from the events when a bus is provided. If your child does need to ride home with you, a note signed by you must be given to the coach. If someone other than the parent is providing a ride for your child, then this must be PRE-APPROVED by the Principal or the Activities Director.


This is how the activities department, and the coaches/advisors monitor the academic progress of student activities participation. The school has a policy that assures a student activities participant is making progress in the classroom in order to be eligible to participate.

Each week, teachers in 7-12 get a list of activity participants during that season. If a participant is not making adequate progress (failing) in a class, they are marked on this list. The list is given to the activities department. 

Coaches/advisors and parents are notified by email at this time. The first time an individual is on the list, they are considered down. There is a one-week period in which the individual has to get their work up to standards for that class. During the week, the student can still practice and play in games. If after this week the student has improved, then they will no longer be on the list. However, if they are put on the list for two consecutive weeks in the same subject they would be put on the off list.

While on the off list, students are not able to practice or participate in games/field trips/competitions. This could continue longer than a week if progress is not made. Keep talking to your student about keeping their grades up.

Parents can monitor grades on the school website by using JMC.  If you do not know your password, contact Julie Keefe at jkeefe@chatfieldschools.com