Chatfield High School Daily Announcements

Thursday, June 3
Day: 170
Middle School Day: 2


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”-Dr. Suess

All Student Announcements (7-12):

Wearing of masks outdoors is optional and only required when in gatherings greater than 500 people.

Masks must be worn in this building until the end of the school year.


There were some glasses found on bus 1, if you think they are yours please see Julie or Christy in the front office.

Congratulations to all of our Spring Sports 2021 Academic All-Conference athletes/students.
Nathan Dietz, Mgr. (12), Henry Gathje (12), Seth Goetzinger (12), Reid Johnson, Mgr. (12), Austin Koenigs (12), Carter Daniels (10), Drew O’Connor (10), Paige Root, Mgr. (10), Jackson Schild (10), Drew Schindler (10), Olivia Sturgis, Mgr (10)

Mollie Henry (12), Breya Kobs (12), Taylor Ask (9), Colton Johnson (9), Mya Henry (8)

Sydney Allen (11), Peyton Berg (11), Devann Clemens (11), Brynn Irish (11), Kennedie Schmaltz (11), Jaiden Zimmerman (11), Tatum Allen (10), Kara Goetzinger (10), Josie Koenigs (10), Claire Springer (10), Alexis Hinckley (9)

Track & Field Boys
Konnor Kivimagi (12), Evan Wright (12), Lynn Borgen (10), Isaac Erding (10), Eli Hopp (10), Isaac Stevens (10), Blake Thompson (10), Nicholas Long (9)

Track & Field Girls
Joanna Salerno (12), Ann Borgen (11), Lauren Cole (11), Katelyn Dornack (11), Abbi Gillespie (11), Tessa McMahon (11), Isabelle Carr (10), Peyton Ellis (10), Sydney Ellis (10), Jayleen Halverson (10), Anna Kivimagi (10), Aletta Strande (10), Chloe Berg (9), Evelyn Goldsmith (9), Marianna Miron (9), Jaelyn LaPlante (8), Essence Williams-Bell (8)


Congratulations Javier Berg on being this semesters Golden Gopher winner and good luck on your academic success.


ALL LIBRARY BOOKS are due back NOW!!


Senior High Announcements (9-12):

Seniors… if you are missing your bookmark from yesterday, please see Mrs. Bren.

Counselor News:


Middle School Announcements (7-8):



There will be NO MORNING BREAK ALA CARTE  Wed. and Thurs.

Breakfast: Choice of Cereal
Classic Café: PIZZA

Extracurricular Activities:

Thursday, June 3rd
4:30 Track Sub Section at RP
5:00 Varsity Baseball at Caledonia
5:00 Varsity Softball at St. Charles

Saturday, June 5th
TBD Varsity Baseball at Caledonia
TDB Varsity Softball at Cotter (with a win on Tuesday)