Chatfield High School Daily Announcements

Monday, March 16
Day: 122
Middle School: Day 2

“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.”-Brenda Ueland

All Student Announcements (7-12):

The Drama Club lock-in will be held on Friday, May 15th at Potter Auditorium. Interested persons should email Rachel Schieffelbein at rachelmarybean(at)


Trap Registrations are due March 20th.   Registration forms are available in the Activities Office.   Meat Sales forms & money must be turned into the Activities Office by the 3:00 on Friday.




After school detention this week…

Tuesday-Mrs. Bren
Monday-Miss Doyle

Senior High Announcements (9-12):

Freshmen Tutoring: Freshmen Tutoring during Flex Time will be in Miss Virgin’s room for the next 2 weeks.


ACT Prep –with Mr. DeBuhr has been cancelled and ACT has been cancelled.

The Accuplacer  pre assessment and test have been rescheduled :
*Chatfield Accuplacer Information session – Tuesday, April 21st
*Chatfield Accuplacer test – Monday, May 4th
These students need to make note of the change:

Patrick Drogemuller, Nicholas Johnson, Liam Palus-Manning, Morgan Plenge, Austin Storm, Alyssa Baum, Karla Gomez, Alexis Novotny, Brennan Hill,  Elizabeth Glende.

Counseling News:


JUNIORS/SENIORS:  Upper Iowa University – Fayette, Iowa is cancelled.

The visit to St. Mary’s for teacher day has been cancelled.


Middle School Announcements (7-8): 




Breakfast: Hot Ham & Cheese Bagel, Choice of Cereal
Lunch: Classic Café: Cheesy Italian Flatbread, Green Beans
Diner: Ham, Egg & Cheese on a Biscuit
Pizza: Pizza Choice
Grab & Go: Turkey Deli Sub Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Salad

Extra Curricular Activities:

 Go Gophers!